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Hello, there! Welcome to 2LWithIt.

My name’s Ana and I’m the unapologetically sassy 25 year-old behind this blog. I started this as an outlet to deal with a variety of chronic health conditions.

What’s 2LWithIt, you ask?

I was starting my second year of law school when my symptoms really started to affect my everyday life. I was about a week or two into 2L (aka the second year of law school), when my body completely shut down and I made the difficult decision to take medical leave from law school.

I said “to hell with” feeling bad about my symptoms and instead chose to be proactive about getting better. 2LWithIt is a space I wanted to make for myself and others.

With a full-time course schedule, I wasn’t giving myself time to deal with my symptoms, and like anything in life, when you ignore a problem, it usually doesn’t go away. Anywhoo, I’m more or less a lot better than I was a few years ago. I still have my bad days and flare-ups, but I wanted this to be a space of happiness.

Your tagline says “spoonie adventures.” What’re those?

Look up my post on “What’s a Spoonie.” Tldr; someone with a chronic illness.

What’s on the blog?

I love to read, so you’ll probably find some book reviews on here. I love to travel, so I’ve been putting together some travel guides with my favorite spots to see and eat/drink at. I’ve also got a lot of opinions (everything from makeup, to chronic health quirks, and everything in-between), so you’ll find all of those in the “Thoughts” tab.

Basically this is my escape when my physical world is falling apart, which it often does. I might not be able to control when that happens, but I can be a source of support for others going through similar chronic illness ups and downs, as well as a friend to anyone out there who loves the prettier things in life (aka books, beauty, and bullshit).

What’s “kissed.with.a.quip.?”

It’s the pseudonym I’ve used on all the blogs I’ve kept over the years. It’s like “sealed with a kiss,” but instead it’s kissed with a quip because lord knows I’m sassier than most (which is equal parts a blessing and a curse).

Any other questions about me or the 2LWithIt?

Shoot me an email @ 2LWithItBlog AT gmail.com DOTCOM (2LWithItBlog@gmail.com).

Thanks for stopping by!

Until Soon,

Ana aka kissed.with.a.quip.